For when you need tracking solutions anywhere in the world from the outback to New York City

Liontrack satellite solution in conjunction with the world’s largest satellite solutions provider should be your no.1 choice.

Using Commercial Google premier maps & Liontrack’s easy to use reporting & tracking software either on your home or office PC, your IPhone- Ipad, or your Android device you can monitor equipment /machinery /vehicles or people anywhere in the world.

Unique unlimited number of Geozone capability!

Define accurate Geofence boundary lines, so you can tell when vehicles have crossed a defined area, e.g. customer site or a no-go area.

You can also select to receive alerts for Geofence entry/exits e.g., dealer site, fuel service stations stops, remote or hazardous locations, sales representative territory.

Receive alerts via reports or directly via email or via a single alert icon representation on your desktop.

Geozone Report

Displays the arrival times and departure times of various travelled Geozones, with the total amount of time spent within each Geozone.

Geozone Arrival Report

Displays the time spent within Geozones.

Geozone Departure Report

Displays the departure time and driving time between Geozones

Customer Site

Identify when a vehicle has arrived and left a site and the amount of time they spent on site.

All vehicles that enter a customer site are tagged with the customer site name against the event for easy referencing and to allow reporting on customer site names.